Tank Removal & Disposal

ACT offers the removal and safe environmental disposal of underground and aboveground storage tanks regardless of size or fuel type. A team of ACT experts can assist storage tank owners in performing the excavation, purging the tank of remaining fuel, gathering and reporting on soil samples, as well as the removal, transportation, and disposal of one’s steel or fiberglass tanks.  Additionally, ACT helps file the appropriate state notifications and maintains the complete state-required documentation using the ACT Compliance Portal (ACP).

Remediation of Contaminated Soil, Solids & Liquids

In the event of an environmental remediation as directed by the government or an environmental authority, ACT can quickly help with the removal of contaminants from the affected soil.  The process for removal is customized based on the type of contamination, and ACT has a proven track record for responsiveness, thorough clean-up, and proper disposal of both the liquids and solids.


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Automatic Tank Gauges (ATG’s) help petroleum retailers and fleet managers to create a system of comprehensive fuel information management that can efficiently handle the details of wet-stock management and environmental compliance. Advanced functions such as centralized site management, precision inventory reconciliation, and loss prevention analysis can also provide higher levels of fuel management capabilities.

Just a few of the many benefits:

  • Increase your uptime with fewer and faster service calls through remote diagnostics and customized alarms.

  • Save time with remote or local site management using flexible networking options and email notifications.

  • Manage your wet stock efficiently through robust data collection rules, confirming your tanks and lines are tight, and providing convenient wet stock reports on-demand.

  • Flexible and upgrade-ready from advanced processing power and architecture to highly flexible configuration and remote upgrades.

  • Navigate the ATG tool easily using an intuitive graphical interface, onboard help function and custom alarm management.

ACT is a proud distributor of many different tank gauging options that include industry leaders OPW and Veeder Root.

Tank Cleaning & Fuel Polishing

Fuel tanks contain moisture and other foreign substances, resulting in declining fuel quality. Contaminates such as algae, loose sediment, phase separation, and rust often clog filtration mechanisms and can cause costly repairs and lost profits. In addition, fuel contamination can dramatically reduce dispenser flow-rates at the pump, and can corrode or degrade steel tanks and other metal components.
Our state of the art equipment uses a unique combination of fuel filtration systems and high velocity pumps to thoroughly clean the petroleum tank and polish the fuel. Upon request, ACT can also perform additional services such as microbial tests, water removal, phase separation testing/treatment/reversal, anti-corrosion treatments, octane tests, and even octane boosts. During the performance of these services, our processes can return useable fuel back to your tank, allowing it to stay in service while our processes are being performed.

Fuel Testing & Treatment (Ethanol & Diesel Blends)

Fuel tank corrosion can be caused by various factors, including microbial contamination or water infiltration; therefore, it is critical to have your fuel tested regularly to help maintain the integrity of your tank systems, as well as your fuel.  ACT performs testing, upon request using the ACT Compliance Portal (ACP), for any type of fuel (except natural gas), and the process to treat the fuel is customized to address the specific test results.

Asset Cataloging Services


Keeping track of assets and their respective compliance certifications is critical, yet can be overwhelming, to any fuel operator regardless of the size of the business or the locations of the assets. ACT helps to eliminate the burden of compliance and asset cataloging by offering a management service using the ACT Compliance Portal (ACP). Our responsive team assists our clients in documenting assets, the condition of each asset, maintaining a schedule for compliance testing, as well as record retention of those compliance certifications.

Facility Response Plans (FRP) or Operations & Maintenance Plans For Underground Storage Tanks (UST's)

To prevent oil discharge from an underground storage tank (UST), operators are required by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to have a facility response plan if the site meets certain criteria. ACT experts can help owners and operators assess the need for an FRP, and if required, can help establish an emergency response action plan specifically for your systems and assets. These plans are stored for clients using the ACT Compliance Portal (ACP).

Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plans for Aboveground Storage Tanks (AST's)

To prevent oil spills from reaching water sources, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires operators of aboveground storage tanks (ASTs) to have a Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) plan in place.  ACT engineers can assist owners and operators in the development of a customized SPCC plan which will identify how to prevent, prepare for, and respond to a fuel spill specifically for your systems and assets. This plan is maintained using the ACT Compliance Portal (ACP).

Compliance Management Program (CMP)

ACT's "Compliance Management Program" (CMP) collaborates with you to come up with a clearly defined scope of environmental-related services tailored to the specific needs of your company.  CMP gives you a dedicated Account Management contact for questions and concerns, proactive scheduling of all testing and inspections, a cloud-based portal that hosts all of your compliance documentation, and a price that is customized specifically to your unique needs. 

CMP gives you exactly what you need, how you need it, and when you need it.


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