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Inspection & Training

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We will handle all the details and make environmental compliance one less thing to worry about.

Underground Storage Tank (UST) Inspection Services

Maintenance of your underground storage tanks is critical to the prevention of environmental disasters and costly repairs. Our team of qualified technicians, with their knowledge of local, state, and federal UST regulations, conduct thorough inspections of your underground tanks every 30 days.  The inspections typically review spill prevention equipment, cathodic protection equipment, and sumps and dispenser hydraulic cabinets.  In addition, ACT technicians monitor observation wells and release detection equipment. ACT technicians deliver and explain current reports and review existing records to identify any gaps in compliance.  These records are maintained using the ACT Compliance Portal (ACP).

Above Ground Storage Tank (AST) Inspection Services

Maintenance of your aboveground storage tanks (ASTs) are equally important to that of underground tanks. At the request or best-practice requirement of our clients, ACT qualified technicians thoroughly inspect the external integrity of the AST, its attachments, and the containment structure, identify any potential environmental hazards surrounding the containment structure, examine the spill container for any residual products, and confirm gauges are functioning properly.  Furthermore, all requests and records are managed using the ACT Compliance Portal (ACP).

AST SPOO1 Protocol Inspections

Under the Environmental Protection Agency’s rule for Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC), a standard protocol SP001 for the inspection of ASTs was released in 2000.  These inspections are required for shop-built ASTs containing up to 50,000 gallons of fuel and field-erected ASTs up to 264,000 gallons.  ACT qualified technicians are well-versed in AST SP001 protocol to inspect the tank containment and foundation, leak detection, tank equipment and attachments, and safety hazards or other conditions that may affect a site spill prevention plan. Using the ACT Compliance Portal (ACP), all client reports are maintained for quick-access record retention.

Class C Operator Training

ACT offers classroom-based Class C operator training for facilities with underground storage tanks (USTs) and aboveground storage tanks (ASTs).  With an instructor-led educational program that complies with federal requirements, students can expect to learn basic requirements for safe UST and AST operations, how to identify potential safety issues, and emergency response actions.

Phase 1 & Phase 2 Environmental Site Inspection Services

Environmental site inspections are critical in assessing any environmental issues prior to purchase or development of a property.  With proper evaluation for Recognized Environmental Concerns (REC), the owner or lender may have an element of protection and access to state or federal funds should a costly clean-up be required. ACT qualified technicians conduct Phase 1 and Phase 2 site inspections and services to current or prospective property owners.  A thorough report details findings and identifies the proper next steps to address Phase 2 inspections should environmental contamination factors arise. These records are documented and available for quick-access using the ACT Compliance Portal (ACP).

PHASE 1 & 2

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