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Cathodic Protection

For more information about ACT Cathodic Protection designs, installation, and services, contact one of our representatives toll free at 855.744.7460 or email us at


We will handle all the details and make environmental compliance one less thing to worry about.

Cathodic Protection Design, Installation & Repairs

Although steel is a commonly used material for fuel system components such as tanks and piping, it is very susceptible to corrosion.  Corroded parts of a fuel system are prone to lose their integrity and leak.  Cathodic Protection (CP) systems are a corrosion prevention method that can either direct a current of electricity through the steel, essentially making it the cathode of an electrochemical cell, or can be designed as a sacrificial system using anodes as a path of least resistance for corrosion.

Although Cathodic Protection is a very effective means to control corrosion in underground fuel components, it must be designed and maintained correctly to insure success.  Leaks found with steel components are often caused by a faulty CP system. 

ACT has industry leading experience in Cathodic Protection design and construction.  You can trust our team to provide a system that will provide peace of mind that your steel fuel system

Cathodic Protection Compliance Inspection

Just as the design of underground fuel components is critical to the preventing of corrosion, so is the maintenance of such systems.  ACT conducts the required 3-year inspection of the systems to maintain proper environmental compliance.  If adjustments are required, our team of qualified technicians respond quickly to address and correct compliance issues.  These data points and compliance records are collected and maintained by the ACT Compliance Portal (ACP), on behalf of your business for proper record retention.

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