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Compliance & Testing

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We will handle all the details and make environmental compliance one less thing to worry about.

Tank, Line & Leak Detector Testing


Advanced Compliance & Testing provides petroleum storage tank owners with comprehensive environmental testing services designed to provide you peace of mind with your regulatory compliance. Backed by an experienced and customer committed service team, ACT will eliminate the burden and confusion of keeping your sites in compliance. Switching to ACT is easy.

Secondary Containment Testing


Secondary Containment Systems protect your site and the environment from leaking or overfill of petroleum products.  Periodic testing of these containments related to spill buckets, sumps, dispenser pans, and piping is required by Federal & State regulatory agencies. ACT can provide all Secondary Containment Testing required to keep your sites in compliance.  Our goal is to provide these tests accurately and efficiently while minimizing site downtime. 



Also part of your fueling system's Secondary Containment, Spill Bucket Containments protect your site and the environment from the spill or overfill of petroleum products at the fill pipe.  As the containments get driven over by motorists and exposed to fuel and the weather, they will deteriorate and begin to fail. ACT provides Spill Bucket Testing to confirm the integrity of these secondary containments at a low cost with minimal site downtime.  If you are using one of ACT's new double-walled spill buckets, should your spill bucket need to be replaced, we can provide these services often times as part of the same trip.

NESHAP Stage I Vapor Balancing


Sites with gasoline underground storage tanks with fuel throughputs greater than 100,000 gallons per month, or as directed by County / City guidance, are mandated to comply with the EPA’s National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants, commonly known as NESHAP. This standard requires that site operators conduct Stage I Vapor Balancing testing at their sites.

ACT provides the testing to comply with NESHAP to include Pressure – Vacuum Vent Cap Testing and Drop Tube Inspection.  Our team will insure your site is complaint with this standard and to provide the documentation needed to meet the demands of your regulatory authority.

Stage II Vapor Recovery Decommissioning


In 2012 the EPA began a process to allow State Regulatory Agencies to phase out Stage II Vapor Recovery.  Most states have followed suit and provided their own individual processes for decommissioning Stage II systems, including ongoing requirements once the vapor recovery systems are removed.

Although retiring Stage II Vapor Recovery from your site will provide cost savings and remove complexity from your fueling systems, site owners must ensure that they do so within the strict guidelines of their states’ process.  ACT understands your state’s regulations and will ensure that your removal project is down quickly, efficiently and to the letter of the mandated process. Once we remove the vapor recovery, we will implement the necessary testing programs mandated by your state to keep you in compliance. 

Automatic Tank Gauge Functional Certification


Automatic Tank Gauges (ATG's) play an important role in the optimal function of your fuel system.  Modern ATG’s provide automated monitoring and notifications should it sense a fuel leak and provides real-time information of your fuel stock inventories.  An accurate ATG is a key part of a working fuel site.

ATG’s require periodic testing, calibration and certification to insure accuracy and that you receive the maximum benefit from this device.  A yearly functional certification is also required by many Federal, State and Local Regulatory Authorities.  Should repairs be necessary, we can provide service while onsite to prevent the expense of an added trip.


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