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In an increasingly competitive market, building a relationship with the right vendor isn't just important…it's often a key to your success. Advanced Compliance and Testing is committed to helping you provide your customers with a total environmental compliance management solution to more successfully grow your revenue and boost your profits. Our reseller program, ACT^Advantage, is designed to provide value to petroleum service and construction companies helping them to:


We've designed ACT^Advantage to inspire new opportunities for you. Key program benefits include:

• A revenue sharing model that provides a valuable recurring income
• Marketing resources and tools that help you increase awareness and generate leads
• Sales resources and tools that help you get in the door and close deals
• A network that connects you with complementary partners to better support the end-to-end solutions needs of your customers
• A cloud-based portal that hosts all of the inspection, testing, and other electronic records for both you and your customers.
• Training courses that improve your team's skills
• Technical resources that enable you to deliver more robust solutions and support your customers


Provide your customers a best in class compliance testing solution to fill your pipeline and close more deals. Extensive sales and marketing benefits help you go to market more quickly and more efficiently, expand your marketing reach and compete more effectively.


ACT^Advantage rewards your investment in the partnership with benefits focused on boosting your profitability, reducing your operating expenses, creating new revenue streams and helping you compete.


We want to stay connected with you through every step of the process. Our relationship benefits help you work with us more effectively, stay informed about your customer’s needs, and tap into our vast knowledge and resources.


Technical, sales and marketing support from our highly-qualified team of industry experts.

As an ACT^Advantage reseller, you can expand your product portfolio and offer your customers a rich set of powerful, innovative solutions. Participation in ACT^Advantage is granted to select businesses who enjoy the following:


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