Stage II Vapor Recovery Decommissioning

In 2012 the EPA began a process to allow State Regulatory Agencies to phase out Stage II Vapor Recovery.  Most states have followed suit and provided their own individual processes for decommissioning Stage II systems, including ongoing requirements once the vapor recovery systems are removed.
Although retiring Stage II Vapor Recovery from your site will provide cost savings and remove complexity from your fueling systems, site owners must insure that they do so within the strict guidelines of their states’ process.  ACT understands your state’s regulations and will insure that your removal project is down quickly, efficiently and to the letter of the mandated process. Once we remove the vapor recovery, we will implement the necessary testing programs mandated by your state to keep you in compliance. 
Simply contact one of our representatives toll free at 855.744.7460, email us at or chat with us by clicking the icon on the bottom right of this page. We will handle all the details and make the expense and difficulty of Stage II Vapor Recovery a distant memory.