Underground Storage Tank (UST) Inspection Services

Maintenance of your underground storage tanks is critical to the prevention of environmental disasters and costly repairs. Our team of qualified technicians, with their knowledge of local, state, and federal UST regulations, conduct thorough inspections of your underground tanks every 30 to 60 days.  The inspections typically review spill prevention equipment, cathodic protection equipment, and sumps and dispenser hydraulic cabinets.  In addition, ACT technicians monitor observation wells and release detection equipment. ACT technicians deliver and explain current reports and review existing records to identify any gaps in compliance.  These records are maintained using the ACT Compliance Portal (ACP).

For more information about ACT UST services, contact one of our representatives toll free at 855.744.7460, email us at sales@act.one or chat with us by clicking the icon on the bottom right of this page.