Tank Cleaning & Fuel Polishing

Fuel tanks contain moisture and other foreign substances, resulting in declining fuel quality. Contaminates such as algae, loose sediment, phase separation, and rust often clog filtration mechanisms and can cause costly repairs and lost profits. In addition, fuel contamination can dramatically reduce dispenser flow-rates at the pump, and can corrode or degrade steel tanks and other metal components.
Our state of the art equipment uses a unique combination of fuel filtration systems and high velocity pumps to thoroughly clean the petroleum tank and polish the fuel. Upon request, ACT can also perform additional services such as microbial tests, water removal, phase separation testing/treatment/reversal, anti-corrosion treatments, octane tests, and even octane boosts. During the performance of these services, our processes can return useable fuel back to your tank, allowing it to stay in service while our processes are being performed.
For more information about tank cleaning and fuel polishing with ACT, contact one of our representatives toll free at 855.744.7460, email us at sales@act.one or chat with us by clicking the icon on the bottom right of this page.